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No 30 Loyang Way #04-07/08 Singapore 508769 Tel: 6744 8080 Fax: 6862 3033 Email:

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We are an integrated printer. We have the capabilities of doing fanfold, sheet and roll printing for various applications to meet corporate day-to-day printing requirement. We have wide range of print products. We print form and also a commercial printer. We manufacture mailing envelopes. Besides printing, we also provide digital printing and mailing service for corporate who needs fulfillment services. We provide quality print, reasonable price and respond to customer needs and always working towards serving customer better. We have been a preferred printer for many corporate in different industries for many years. We will strive hard to serve you even better.


No 30, Loyang Way, #04-07/08, Singapore 508769 Tel No : (65) 6744 8080 | Fax No : (65) 6862 3033 | E-Mail :